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10 Traits of a Team Player

Being a team player is a must if you want to win.  Talent is easy to spot, but finding a person who is "team oriented" is much harder to find.  A crucial component to having an edge over the competition is not just having talented individuals, but having players who don't care who gets the credit.  The competition is getting harder and harder everyday and if you want to succeed, you will need individuals on your team that have a “team first” mindset.  A team player is someone who puts the teams goals, needs, and successes above their own personal glory.  They are willing to sacrifice whatever it takes for the betterment of the team, and propel them to victory.  Look for these ten traits when building your team:

Humble – Pride thinks only of self.  Me, myself, and I.  Prideful players are defensive, sensitive, and difficult to work with because they are looking out for number one.  Being humble shifts the emphasis off of self and onto others. True, attractive humility is not thinking less of yourself it is thinking of yourself less.  A team player is humble, thinking of the team first.  

Honest – A team player keeps it real.  They tell the truth.  They don’t lie or cover up.  They have the courage to be honest with themselves and with others.  If they make a mistake, they own up to it.  If someone else is faking the funk, they aren’t afraid to be candid with them and hold him or her accountable.  They realize that acting fake or being an imposter will break trust among teammates.  It will weaken the team, not strengthen it.  

Hustle – Is a habit.  Habits are contagious.  A team player shows up everyday, competes and hustles.  In doing so, they have the capacity to make everyone around them better.  They are standard bearers.  A team player knows that their level of effort can positively or negatively impact the team.  Hustling and doing their very best sets the tone for the team.    

Heart – Good team players have heart and passion.  It is part of their DNA.  It is who they are.  They are inspirational and motivating.  Playing with heart allows a team player to play “bigger” than the normal person because they are emotionally invested.  It’s not a drudgery or obligation.  They love the game and they love their team.  They refuse to hold back and cannot hold back.  It goes against the grain of their values.    

Hurts – A true team player hurts when one of their teammates is hurting.  They genuinely care about their teammates.  They are aware and sensitive to how disappointments, setbacks and adversity can bring them down.  A team player pays attention to body language, energy and engagement of those around them.  If someone is hurting or down, they go out of their way to lift up and encourage a teammate.        

Helping – Team players are servant leaders.  They are always ready to step in and help.  No task or role is too small for him or her to jump in on and be apart of.  They are willing to play different roles or different positions if it will better the team.  They remain flexible and are not above anyone else. They understand that being helpful makes the team stronger.    

Hungry – Team players having a burning desire to win!  That is why they are on a team.  Every discipline, effort and rep they take has a purpose.  Every sacrifice they make, every delayed gratification they choose and every adversity they persevere through is so that the team will come out on top.  They are not satisfied with being mediocre or average.  They have a relentless hunger and drive to win.  They will not stop or rest until the team becomes a championship team.  

Honing - A team player is driven to get better and grow.  They have strong ambition.  They understand the number one-way to improve the team is to improve their own skills.  They are constantly thinking of ways to get better and raise their game.  Team players will put in the extra work at practice to ensure they are steadily improving and by doing so, making the team better.  

Huddle – Great teams have really good chemistry.  That is what sets them apart.  You will never have great team chemistry without authentic team players.  A team player will reach out and invest in members of the team who are shy, disconnected, or distant.  They have an ability to build bridges and bring people together.  They will not rest until the team becomes a huddle.  They understand that being on a team is a choice, but becoming a team is a process.  Team players are willing to invest in the “off the field” bonding activities to strengthen the huddle knowing it will eventually show up on the field or court.  

Hears – Team players are listeners not talkers.  They are not looking to give out orders or boss people around.  They lead the team by listening and hearing others out.  In doing so, they earn respect and gain influence over time.  They seek to understand versus being understood.  Team players make and take time to listen to their teammates because they have each person’s best interest at heart.  They genuinely care.  They may be a person of few words, but their words carry weight and have impact.  They are a team player!

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