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Donnie strives to inspire and motivate others to be the very best version of themselves everyday.
Donnie Maib is a renowned coach and keynote speaker. He boasts over 20 years of athletic training experience, and is currently the Head Coach for Olympic Sports and the Assistant Athletics Director for Athletic Performance at the University of Texas at Austin. Coach Donnie employs his history in coaching elite-level athletes into creative and motivational speeches. In the last five years, Donnie has been a keynote speaker at over ten summits and conferences. Simply put, Coach Donnie is the best because he's been in every athlete, coach and parents' shoes.
Experience & Certifications
  • Master Strength & Conditioning Coach Certified (MSCC)
  • Assistant Athletics Director Athletic Performance The University of Texas at Austin
  • 3 Time National Champion (Football 2005, Volleyball 2012, M. Tennis 2019)
  • Coached numerous NFL, Olympic and All-American athletes across multiple sports over 27+ years of sports performance
  • 20+ years of professional speaking experience with hundreds of presentations
  • Published Author
  • Ordained Minister
“If serving is below you then leading is beyond you” 
"Donnie spoke to our group of 700 volleyball players and parents and did a wonderful job! He connected exceptionally well with the audience that included 10-18 year olds and adults of all ages. His message was relevant and very entertaining and left us all encouraged and motivated. His message was definitely the major highlight of our end of year banquet. Thank you Donnie - the best speaker I’ve heard!"
Greg Watts- President, Texas Eclipse Volleyball
"Coach Maib spoke at our Annual Strength and Conditioning Coaches Clinic on Training the Female Longhorn, but he delivered so much more. His enthusiasm and ability to inspire a crowd was second to none. Coach Maib is clearly passionate about not only helping his athletes to perform better, but he has the ability to make all of those who come in contact with him strive to be a better person. His attention to detail and common sense approach to training is relevant to all athletes. I can’t wait until I have the opportunity to bring him back to speak again."
Doug Bull M.S., C.S.C.S. - Dist. Strength & Conditioning Coordinator Deer Park High School
“Coach D has spoken to our teams several times. Sometimes we have him talk to the whole club and sometimes on a team by team basis. He has an uncanny ability to connect with everyone in the crowd and get through to each of our athletes. He has so much experience that he’s able to approach every subject understanding the coach, parent, and athlete side of things and how we can bring all of our goals together to accomplish great things. His humility, self-assurance, humor, and confidence are infectious. His talks are always the highlight of our season!”
Lindsay Rosenthal - Director/Owner Roots Volleyball
“Each time I hear Donnie Maib speak / share I am left begging for more. He is a GREAT story teller, motivator and teacher, a rare combination. His energy is contagious, his passion clear and his message pure! There are not many like him. He has made me better each and every time I have been fortunate enough to be in his audience.”
Fran Flory - Head Coach Volleyball LSU Volleyball
“Donnie Maib is not only an incredible strength and conditioning coach, but he is also a phenomenal person. We may have initially crossed paths as co-workers, but in the many years I've been fortunate enough to work with him I now consider him a dear friend. He inspires all who are lucky enough to know him, and I can always count on him to bring light and joy to any situation. I admire his devotion to faith, his selflessness, and the desire he has to always want the very best for all others. I am truly blessed to have Coach D in my life, and am thankful for the great advice and respect he's given me over the years. He's one of the very best!”
Tonya Johnson - Associate Head Coach Texas Volleyball
"We had the privilege of having Coach Donnie Maib come and speak to some of the men from our church. We invited him because I was in attendance when he spoke at a school athletic banquet where my sons attended. We thoroughly enjoyed having him at our event. He was engaging, fun, relatable, gave practical insights and challenged the men as well. I would have him back at another event for sure and I would highly recommend him for your event. You will not be disappointed."
Pastor Sam Mata - Shoreline Church
Donnie Maib has had an huge impact on our company and trainers!  He has spoken several times to our 700+ trainers at Camp Gladiator leading a variety of presentations ranging from bigger picture motivational coaching and setting standards to specific and technical presentations such as proper recovery and band exercises.  His knowledge in the training field is incredible and every trainer respects and can learn from his expertise.  But, the most impressive thing about Donnie is how he can capture and engage an audience and motivate them to use their technical knowledge to impact athletes and clients on a much deeper level.  He correlates everything back to life's lessons and has great perspective on the takeaways that will truly create positive change.  He is one of the most fun, engaging, and knowledgeable speakers we have ever had and our trainers keep begging to hear more from him!   I highly recommend him.
Ally Davidson - Camp Gladiator
"Donnie Maib's visit to the Punahou Department of Athletics was a thoroughly enriching experience.  His dynamic presentations allowed our staff to take the strength and conditioning program to the next level.  Donnie's hands-on approach and ability to connect with our coaches was excellent.  We can't wait to have him back!"
James Kakos - Academy Assistant Principal, Punahou  Athletics
"Donnie spoke at our annual corporate conference of about 150 people. He was placed in the opening keynote slot – one of the most vital to set the tone of the event right. Donnie far exceeded our expectations with his natural ability to invigorate the audience and seamlessly show the parallels between sports science and using big data in the business world. Donnie ensured he had a clear understanding of both the audience and the message we were trying to deliver, which enabled him to tie his presentation in flawlessly with our conference theme. Donnie’s passion was infectious. He kept the audience engaged, intrigued and impressed throughout his time on stage. And because he took the time to understand our specific business, he was able to thoroughly answer every Q&A question thrown at him (and there were a lot!) Donnie was a true professional, and just an all-around great person to work with. We couldn’t have been more thrilled having him speak at our event!"
Katy Fritz - Senior Global Events Manager, Zilliant
Work with Donnie
Are you looking to motivate, and encourage your team? Donnie's unique experience enables him to connect and inspire groups of diverse audiences, through multidisciplinary and engaging trainings.